J & S Displays specializes in the manufacturing of acrylic displays.

With the expertise of our crew and our computerized CNC Router Machine, the possibilities of Display ideas are endless. We've produced a variety of custom displays form High End Cosmetic Displays, Jewelry Displays, Toy Displays, Event Displays, Phone accessory Displays, Vapor Displays, and liquor Displays to name a few. They can range from floor standing to counter top Displays to wall mount, etc.

From Acrylic to Pvc and even wood. Just bring us your Display ideas and we will manufacture it for you!

feature product

Feature Item

Makeup organizers can run as expensive as $400! Get the same premium feel, with the same luxurious acrylic materials, at half the cost! Who says you can't have it all?

  • 5 Tiers of Makeup Organization
  • Larger Bottom Drawer for Larger Items
  • Open Top Tier for Larger Items
  • Thick Top Shelf to support heavier items
  • Drawers Slide Cleanly
  • Premium 3/8" Thick Cast Acrylic Construction
  • Cross Customizable dividers included, for your choice of usage on the top tier
  • Dividers included throughout the center of each drawer
  • Clean design
  • 9.5" x 9.5" x 12" H
  • Top Drawer (no lid)-2"
  • Middle Drawers-2"
  • Bottom Drawer-3"

custom displays

Custom Displays

We fabricate our displays using only the highest quality material, the latest technologies to produce creative displays that will fulfill all your promotional demands. Best of all, every single product we make is made in the U.S.A.

Let our 25 years of experience help you design and manufacture a display that will demand the attention your product deserves. Don't be limited to size and shape and let your imagination take control of your marketing effort.